Reflect Creatively, Grow Strategically

offering Branding and marketing solutions that are molded to thoroughly reflect our client 

Clay Puddle is about embracing beautiful branding that stuns equally in functionality and aesthetics. We are centered on personalized experiences, always asking and answering why, and pushing the boundaries of design, branding and marketing. 

Our projects only go out the door pampered, prepped, and perfected. 




Amy Fucci is an award winning creative designer who is fiercely passionate about branding, marketing and design. Amy’s mind is always engaged in creating superior branding, even when creative genius strikes while tossing and turning in bed at 2:30 am. Amy is obsessed with creating the perfect branding, that reflects both the work and personality of the client.

Amy graduated from Belmont University in Nashville where she received her BFA in Design Communications with an emphasis in Photography. Upon graduating, she was hired at Big Machine Records where she worked as a designer and photo editor for their impressive roster of musical talent. After three years with Big Machine, Amy left to work at ST8MNT Branding Agency where she worked with notable clients like Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Bongo Java, Thomas Nelson Publishing, and helped launch a magazine entitled "Cheer!"

In May 2015, Amy stepped out to officially launch Clay Puddle. She has since continued to have a strong footprint in the music industry, designing Grammy award winning Bob James’ collaborative album with Nathan East, The New Cool. Amy has also actively been in charge of design for Kenny' Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum, Nashville indie record label Blue Rose Music, and the local brokerage Armstrong Real Estate. Other independent design projects include a novel, print advertisements, website design, children's book layout, catalog design, corporate logo design, music industry poster design, newsletter design, and fitness ebooks including The Strong Movement and Strong & Sexy Fit.


Fresh from the buzz of my morning latte, I was wandering down Via De Macci 8 in Firenze, Italia when I saw a puddle on the ground with a reflection of my apartment building. I knelt down with my Canon 5 D Mark II gripped in my hands to get a gorgeous shot of the perfectly still reflection. 

I was elated in this moment to have seen the beauty of Florence from this vantage point. I was reminded of a line in a card that my mom gave to me years back which has always stuck with me. It said “I pray you find joy in every mud puddle.” It was there, in Florence, Italy that I realized how perfectly that prayer for my life came to pass. I quite literally found joy in a mud puddle. What’s more, this act that helped me achieve this happiness is something I get to do as a career. I found joy in something most people wouldn’t give a second thought to, other than to side step it to avoid getting their shoes wet. This is the concept behind Clay Puddle, behind the name, and behind everything we do.  

♥ Amy (founder)